Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Post Its & Upcoming Weekend

These are the first two Christmas projects I have completed. I bought 2 paper packs from HL this week since they were on sale 1/2 price (I hardly ever buy anything from their full price). One of the paper packs Jennifer also bought and has made some adorable creations with it. The first one in the pic is the post it clip board and the second is the post it binder made with my new Bind it All. I forgot to take a pic of the inside, shucks! It has the same top paper with a light green post it pad and the coordinating paper is red with white snowflakes. I think it looks adorable on the inside with that combination. I'm so excited and pumped to keep making them.
I have big ambitions for this weekend. First, tonight I will be taking our friend's daughter shopping. She is 16 and pregnant due in January. She is in desperate need of a winter coat and some new shoes. My very generous MIL has given me some money to take A shopping for some much needed items to get her through the winter. Then, Jennifer and I will be driving to Navasota Saturday morning to shop at 4Queens, my new favorite shop (Thanks, Jennifer!). I have to get started on Christmas. I am sooo ready to decorate my home for Christmas. It is always my favorite time of year and my sister and I are starting a new tradition this year since she now only lives an hour away from me (YaY!) Now that she is a homeowner, we will be helping each other decorate our homes for Christmas. We will do this on a weekend and decorate one of our houses Saturday and the other on Sunday. We just haven't planned which weekend yet. I am sooo excited for the decorating....that I must get my house cleaned first, so that is the plan for the rest of my weekend. I refuse to decorate a messy, cluttered, dirty house. So that is my goal for this weekend - CLEAN!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Jenn Greeley said...

Great house cleaner (mom) is coming by on Tuesday to clean. So, when we decorate for Christmas next weekend we will have a clean house to decorate...heh. Looking forward to tomorrow.

MommaJen said...

have a great time!