Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pampered Chef

I am excited to announce that I am now officially a Pampered Chef consultant. I am still a Southern Living at HOME consultant as home decorating is my true passion...but I felt I was needing something else too. My plan with Pampered Chef is to do mainly catalog orders and shows, but will be willing to do the occiasional cooking show if someone asks me to. I love their products; they are great in quality and very useful. My whole family uses their products - my sister even had a Pampered Chef Bridal Show which was so much fun and she got a ton of their products. It was awesome. If I can help anyone in any way or answer your questions, please let me know. Their catalog is available online at I do not have a website for ordering at this time and it might be a while before I get that set up, so if there is something you are interested in, please email me at

Have a great day everyone! I am so ready for the weekend and my vacation next week!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I thought I would share some pictures of the jewelry I have been making lately. I used to make jewelry all the time and have recently started up again. Between the cardstacks and the jewelry, I think its time to clean my crafting area. Its getting pretty messy ;)

These first 5 are made with mostly beads and crystals -

These last 4 are made with wooden beads -
I am in the market to sell any and all of these so if anyone is interested in purchasing any, just contact me at or leave a comment for pricing and additional details.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Card Stacks

I was a busy girl and made three card stacks this weekend and some jewelry. I'll post the jewelry later in the week. I didn't do much housework; I wanted to relax and enjoy a weekend of fun projects. I really like all 3 card stacks - its hard to pick out my favorite.
Stack #1 uses certainly celery, bashful blue and so saffron SU cardstock and each card has a different sentiment -
Stack #2 uses bashful blue, riding hood red and so saffron SU cardstocks using 3 different sentiments -

Stack #3 uses baja breeze and tangerine tango SU cardstock and dsp and includes 3 different sentiments -

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank You Cards

I made quite a few thank you cards this past weekend to send out for all my bday gifts, etc. I made two versions: a girly one and another that is a little more masculine, but still appropriate for both. I had fun making both of these cards. I wanted to keep them simple since I had to make quite a few.
The girly card uses kiwi kiss and pretty in pink cardstock and raspberry tart dsp (thank you Jennifer G). I love this color combo!
The more masculine, yet still feminine card uses baja breeze, certainly celery and chocolate chip cardstocks and certainly celery dsp.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday Cards

I thought I would share pics of the many birthday cards I received last week.
I received hand made cards this year from the two Jennifers. The first is from Jennifer at JJGreeleyPaperDesigns. She posted this card on her blog when she made it and I loved it then - so I was super thrilled when I opened it.
This one is from Jennifer at AnAggieBug. The second pic of her card shows the inside - complete with 30 ladybugs :) I thought it was clever.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Softly Call The Muster"

"We gather today, Aggies all, to recall our past, to strengthen our ties, to honor those who have passed before us....We come today to affirm our commitment, our love for this place and all that it represents." -Jack M. Rains, Muster Speaker 1984
RWS 9/12/76 - 6/28/08 Today, April 21st is a special day for Aggies honoring loved ones that have passed since last year at this time. Aggies are honored all over the state in similar localized Muster ceremonies in Houston, Abilene, San Antonio and on and on. Today, us Aggie girls will meet up once again to remember our beloved friend who passed away last summer. We miss him everyday, but know he is in a better place watching over us. He lived in Houston therefore will be on the roll call at that ceremony, however we are attending the Muster here in College Station at Reed Arena - because this is where it all started for us. We all met while attending Texas A&M and it is fitting to honor him here. Whoop!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I am Blessed!

I had a wonferful weekend. Hubby and I invited our families and a few close friends to our house to help celebrate my big 3-0 birthday! It was truly and memorable and eventful day. We started the morning with rain and more rain and more rain. I was stressed wondering how all of these people were going to fit in my house...but God was watching over us and wanted me to have a great day because the rain stopped! Thank goodness were not all cooped up in my house. In attendance were 23 adults, 5 children and 13 vehicles. WoW! I didn't know I could fit that many people and vehicles on my little half acre in the country...and we still had room for more! Sometimes pictures speak 1,000 words - so here is a picture story of the eventful day...
My grandpa and his wife and her grandson sitting on the picnic table that hubby made for me for my bday -
in the dining room guarding the food from left to right; dad's girlfriend, my mom, sister (LaffyTiffy) and her hubby -
outside on the back porch from left to right my bff, her hubby, our friend's daughter (and baby P's mom) and finally my dad -
we decided to break out a card game and here are the girls from left to right; Granny D, Jennifer (AnAggieBug) holding baby P, baby P's mom, my sis and my good friend A; the girls were waiting on me to get changed (you will see why in the next pic) -
I was holding baby P while they were setting up the card game and she puked all over me. I'm not just talking a little spit up...I'm talking the entire bottle she had consumed about an hour earlier...all over me; down my shirt; in my hair; on my face; down my pant leg; and on and on -
some thought it was funny - check out Jennifer laughing her head off and others thought it was gross (me included) so baby P and I both had to change clothes; you can see my sisters hand right there at the door, she was staying back "don't let her touch me" - it was funny after all was said and done and cleanup was underway -
here is Jennifer again -
my good friend A; notice a different shirt than the pics before -
my sister getting the cupcake cake ready with my stepdad holding E looking on; she was waiting patiently for her cupcake -
my lovely cupcake cake made by my wonderful sister -
blowing out my 2 candles; thank goodness there weren't 30 -
my bff's daughter S, she is the one named after me :) -
E again, this time she was looking for one of our cats -
A and her husband J got stuck in the mud thanks to all the rain and hubby had to pull them out -
a pic of their ruts taken the next morning -
and brother-in-laws truck stuck in the mud -
and ONE of his ruts taken the next morning; he left more than one rut -
At the end of the evening we were exhausted but we all had a great time despite the many events that occurred that day. I am truly blessed with a wonderful family and group of close friends (all of which just happened to be bridesmaids from our wedding) and thankful that they traveled to see me and help celebrate this milestone bday with me. Thank you so much to everyone who came - I love you all!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"A Young Chick to an Old Hen"

Whoah - I'm the BIG three-oh!!! That's right. Today is a milestone birthday for me. At first, I was dreading this was a mental thing for me - not wanting to hit the age most people don't look forward to. So here it is and I am totally excited. The days leading up to today were just fine and I continued to look forward to it. 30 is nothing (I don't feel any older - yet) although people keep telling me that the 30's go by faster than the 20's. That is the part I'm not looking forward to.

So, here is to "A Young Chick turned Old Hen that will Never see Her 20's again!" I hope everyone has a great day and weekend. I'm having the family over on Saturday to celebrate my bday. The head count is now at 25 adults + 5 children. Yikes - If it rains like its supposed to, we will be packed like sardines in my house!!! I'm looking forward to it...I have a big family and I'm glad they are celebrating with me :) I'll post plenty of pics on Monday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My boss thinks he is Funny...updated!

We have a dry erase board in our file room at the office and my boss decided last year after I turned 29 that he would have a countdown to my big 3-0 birthday. So, this pic below is something I have been looking at for the last 364 days. I took this pic last week when it was still 7 days...but now I am down to only 1 - Yikes!
This next addition on the dry erase board was added last week when my bday was 7 days away. He thinks he is hilarious and that making fun of me and my upcoming bday is fun. Oh, well! I guess if it makes him happy, then we will all be happy here at work - maybe :) and this is what I saw when I came in the office this morning...
I think he just might be a comedian - NOT!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Cards

Here are a few Easter cards I made Sunday evening. These first two are redo's of two cards I made several years ago that I never used. There was just something about them I didn't I changed them. The original card was the green embellished with the flower wheel. I used a stamp set that coordinates with the Tag punches. I didn't like the entire card being green, so I cut out a section of the old card and put it on a new card using pretty in pink cardstock.
Same concept here with the old card being a color close to yoyo yellow. I cropped it and placed it on orchid opulence cardstock. I am much happier with these two new cards made by demolishing old ones! This is part of the excitement of making cards...if you don't like it - change it :)
These next two use the same two colors of cardstock and certainly celery dsp. Stamp set used is called A Good Egg or something like that, I think??