Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 Goals - Reflecting on Completion

2009 Personal Goals --
1. Lose 20 more pounds and be back to my wedding weight - I'm still using WW and will continue toward my goal :)
2. Post on my blog at least 3 days a week and hit 100 posts with some blog candy of course - I'm getting closer to my 100th post so I think I'm doing pretty good here :)
3. Get my Southern Living at HOME business back on track for some extra income - I had two parties in January which were great and just attended our SLaH Spring Kickoff this past weekend
4. Save more and spend less - Still working on this one; Stampin' Up and updating my home are just too tempting :)
5. Be a better wife, daughter and friend and try to let the little things that bother me not bother me so much - I am trying really hard with this one, but find myself struggling from time to time; it is so hard to try to seperate the little things from the big things b/c to me they are all big things :(
6. Spend much needed time with my brother and support him as he makes decisions that will effect his future - I just saw him a week ago for dinner and will be seeing him again very soon
7. Learn to decorate cakes - Haven't even started
8. Teach myself to write right handed - I actually practiced this yesterday
9. Keep in better contact with friends that live long distance - Doing much better with this one too; just emailed a friend who lives near the South Texas Coast that I grew up with starting in preschool going all the way through college; we haven't seen or talked to each other since we graduation from A&M over 7 years ago - shameful, I know however we are back on track
10. Attend Church regularly - Disappointed in myself that I haven't achieved this one yet; I shouldn't use time as an excuse b/c I should make the time, but as I think back on January and where the month went I can't remember when I didn't have something to do.

2009 Household Goals --
1. Keep kitchen counters clean - Doing very well; Its a nice feeling to be able to see the counters everyday :)
2. Hang clothes daily - Almost there, I'm waiting on the shoe organizer I ordered to come in
3. Dust/Vacuum/Mop once a week - HeHe
4. Crush aluminum cans once a week - I actually crushed all the cans accumulated so far yesterday so this one should be easy to achieve
5. Purge unneeded/unnecessary items regularly - Doing very well with this one, just had a garage sale a few weeks ago


Jenn Greeley said...

Sounds like you are doing good. On the church thing....I have found once you start going every Sunday, you find you miss it and don't want to miss.

Emily said...

Just curious...why do you want to write right handed? It's great that you are holding yourself accountable to your goals!

Ladybug Fanatic said...

to answer your question Emily, I am already ambidextrious and able to do most things left and right handed. my hubby is also left handed so since i already do alot of things with both i thought writing should be included in that - especially if our children lean more toward being right handed, i want to be able to help them :)

Emily said...

Interesting. I guess I've just never thought that much about "handedness". I'm a lefty and find a few frustrating things every now and then, but I think I've adapted more than I realize. Good Luck!

MommaJen said...

you are doing great on your goals! I'm very impressed. The kitchen counters thing is one of my favorites - it just makes the whole kitchen look clean!