Monday, April 20, 2009

I am Blessed!

I had a wonferful weekend. Hubby and I invited our families and a few close friends to our house to help celebrate my big 3-0 birthday! It was truly and memorable and eventful day. We started the morning with rain and more rain and more rain. I was stressed wondering how all of these people were going to fit in my house...but God was watching over us and wanted me to have a great day because the rain stopped! Thank goodness were not all cooped up in my house. In attendance were 23 adults, 5 children and 13 vehicles. WoW! I didn't know I could fit that many people and vehicles on my little half acre in the country...and we still had room for more! Sometimes pictures speak 1,000 words - so here is a picture story of the eventful day...
My grandpa and his wife and her grandson sitting on the picnic table that hubby made for me for my bday -
in the dining room guarding the food from left to right; dad's girlfriend, my mom, sister (LaffyTiffy) and her hubby -
outside on the back porch from left to right my bff, her hubby, our friend's daughter (and baby P's mom) and finally my dad -
we decided to break out a card game and here are the girls from left to right; Granny D, Jennifer (AnAggieBug) holding baby P, baby P's mom, my sis and my good friend A; the girls were waiting on me to get changed (you will see why in the next pic) -
I was holding baby P while they were setting up the card game and she puked all over me. I'm not just talking a little spit up...I'm talking the entire bottle she had consumed about an hour earlier...all over me; down my shirt; in my hair; on my face; down my pant leg; and on and on -
some thought it was funny - check out Jennifer laughing her head off and others thought it was gross (me included) so baby P and I both had to change clothes; you can see my sisters hand right there at the door, she was staying back "don't let her touch me" - it was funny after all was said and done and cleanup was underway -
here is Jennifer again -
my good friend A; notice a different shirt than the pics before -
my sister getting the cupcake cake ready with my stepdad holding E looking on; she was waiting patiently for her cupcake -
my lovely cupcake cake made by my wonderful sister -
blowing out my 2 candles; thank goodness there weren't 30 -
my bff's daughter S, she is the one named after me :) -
E again, this time she was looking for one of our cats -
A and her husband J got stuck in the mud thanks to all the rain and hubby had to pull them out -
a pic of their ruts taken the next morning -
and brother-in-laws truck stuck in the mud -
and ONE of his ruts taken the next morning; he left more than one rut -
At the end of the evening we were exhausted but we all had a great time despite the many events that occurred that day. I am truly blessed with a wonderful family and group of close friends (all of which just happened to be bridesmaids from our wedding) and thankful that they traveled to see me and help celebrate this milestone bday with me. Thank you so much to everyone who came - I love you all!


MommaJen said...

looks like you had a great time! you are blessed indeed! :)

Jenn Greeley said...

I'm glad it was a wonderful weekend!