Monday, June 23, 2008

A Great Place to Shop

On Saturday I was invited by my friend Jennifer to visit a shop owned by one of her friends. It is called The 4 Queens and is located in Navasota. This store is awesome! It has a great mix of old and new and has a wonderful variety of items from candles and nick nacks to antiques and furniture. This is definitely a shop I will be visiting again. Jennifer's gal S came along with us and was an absolute angel. She is 2 years old and so adorable. I had a great time with the 2 of them and hope to spend some time with them again soon!


Jenn Greeley said...

We had fun too! You and I will definitely be visiting the shop again. They use to do a thing called Girls Night Out. They generally are closed at night, but on GNO they open up and have food, door prizes, and specials on all their stuff. I'm going to suggest they do that again soon!

MommaJen said...

fun, fun, fun!