Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I dislike litter very much. I live on a high traffic busy two lane highway in the country where litter is tossed aside daily. When the wind blows, of course it then blows into my yard. I usually spend at least part of my time on weekends picking up trash in my yard that does not belong to me. The picture in this post is hay twine. It was lost by a farmer hauling hay several weeks ago and it layed on the side of the highway stretching over 1 mile...might have been more, but I know it was at least 1 mile. He chose not to pick up his twine, probably due to laziness and the fact that the strand was sooo long. How do I know this? My husband and I decided we were tired of it stretching across our driveway and we decided to "reel it in." It may not look like much in the picture but believe me, it literally kept going and going and going. We weren't sure it would ever end, but after about 30 minutes of reeling, it did finally end. I am very proud of my husband for taking the initiative to do this. I know none of my neighbors ever would. So there you have it - one of my pet peeves and post for today!


Jenn Greeley said...

I hate litter too. It doesn't just happen in the country. Last Friday, I actually watched the bulk pick up guy throw his used up nasty cigarette butt out the window and into my yard. It took everything in me not to call the city. Yours of course was a little more agrivating and time consuming.

MommaJen said...

good for you girl! alot of people just don't care, glad you do!