Monday, August 4, 2008

Misc. Monday Post

Weekend - My husband and I spent the weekend at his Mom's helping her with miscellaneous projects around her house getting it ready to sell. We left at 4am Saturday morning and spent a total of 12 fun filled (sarcastic, of course) hours driving in the truck arriving back home around 11pm last night. We didn't really get as much accomplished as I thought we could. I'm a go getter, my husband and his family; not so much! Fun, Fun, Fun!

Family - I found out my step-brother's wife is pregnant with their first child. I am very happy for them, although a little disappointed at the same time since we are not pregnant yet. My Mom and Stepdad are super excited to be grandparents, which is great! It will be nice to have a baby in the family.

Friends - One of my SLaH friends lost her teenage daughter this weekend to an alcohol related car accident. T was out of the country when it happened and should be back by now. My heart hurts for her during this tragic time. This daughter was the light of her life and she put her first before anything else. Any death is tragic and hard to deal with but T is facing alot of grief right now from other parents out there because alcohol was involved making it more difficult for her to deal with.

That's it for the random post. Have a great week everybody :)

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