Monday, January 12, 2009

Back on Track and More Goals

I have more KWCI cards ready to post, but I decided to intercept with something different. I spent the weekend cleaning house (which I seem to be doing all the time) and purging for our garage sale. While doing those tasks, I set some more goals for myself. These are more household goals rather than personal goals. I will continue to work towards the personal list posted before, but add this household list to it. I know it seems like alot of goals, but I find that if I actually write them down I might just keep them up. I'm that way with housework. If I write down what I need to do, I find that I get more done. Maybe its just the excitement of scratching completed items off the list - who knows, but whatever the reason I'm going to continue b/c it gets the work done. So on to my personal goals --

1. Keep kitchen counters clean - they tend to be the "catch all" for mail and miscellaneous clutter, so when I actually need the space for cooking, it becomes a complete chaotic mess.

2. Hang clothes daily - I tend to change my mind in the mornings about what I am going to wear that day and by the end of the week I have a pile of clothes on the chest at the foot of our bed.

3. Dust/Vacuum/Mop once a week - the vacuuming and mopping I usually do, but dusting just takes forever so I find myself only doing that once a month. I want to keep my house clean more regular so when we have unexpected or last minute guests, I am not frantically cleaning.

4. Crush aluminum cans once a week - we recycle aluminum soda cans (my hubby drinks coke like its going out of style) and we find that the cans pile up so quickly and by the time we realize it, we have a huge trash can full that takes a few hours to crush - so I'm thinking if I force myself to crush the cans weekly, it will be more manageable and not take so long.

5. Purge unneeded/unnecessary items regularly - this one will be tough for me because I am a pack rat 100% and have trouble letting go. I made a deal with hubby last year that when I bought a new purse, I would let one go - hehe so far I have not done very well with that deal. I think I could do much better just by realizing that we don't have room for unneccessary clutter. I need to do better.

Well, thats it for more goals for now. I'm sure I'll add more as the year progresses, but I'm gonna stick with these for now. I am really really really trying to be better at keeping things in order and at bay so I have more free time to spend with friends and family and attending functions when I want to. I usually feel guilty about wanting to do those things because of the chaos I have at home.

I'm apologize this post kinda got away from me and I got a little winded and carried away. I'll end with this - Wednesday is my "back on track" day! I let WW slip my mind over the holidays and I have gained weight as a result. I'm not gotta let that spiral happen again, so I'm getting back on track. Why Wednesday, that is the day of the week I always checked my weight. So here I go again. Have a great week everyone.


MommaJen said...

wow, you are very ambitious! I'm impressed!

Jenn Greeley said...

I'm all about the lists! I have them for work and personal. It helps me think.

harry.che said...

Thanks, that's a great post!

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