Monday, January 19, 2009

Update from the Weekend...

I don't have any pictures for this post just babbling :) It was a super exhausting weekend...and no - our friend's daughter did not have her baby. It is such a crazy and long story. Her 17 and 10 minute apart contractions were Braxton Hicks (pardon me if I mispelled it). When she spoke to her doctor Friday morning, she told her not to eat anything so she wouldn't get sick during delivery but to keep drinking water. She has always drank tons of water so that was not a problem for her. Her contractions were at 7 minutes apart that morning, leading to 5 minutes apart at lunch and 4 minutes apart when I got to their house Friday evening around 6pm. She had been on the phone with the doctor several times during the day and the doctor told her that when they were consistently 3 minutes apart to head to the hospital; get checked in and then she would be there shortly after to check on her. So around 8pm when they were consistenly 3 minutes apart (she was squeezing my hand, so I was well aware how close together they were) her Mom took her to the hospital. Another doctor at the hospital checked her out, said she had not dilated yet and was not in labor. WHAT?!?! The baby's heart beat was elevated so they put a monitor on her and kept her until it was regulated. The doctor at the hospital told her that she was dehydrated and it was causing severe pre-labor contractions. Well, she had been drinking water like a fish, so fluid wise she was okay - but she hadn't eaten anything all day; a recommendation provided by her doctor because she felt the delivery was close. So, in a nut shell the baby's elevated heart beat was caused by the mother's lack of food intake that day which in turn caused false labor. What a night!!! So here we are still waiting and she is no longer having contractions so we have to start this process all over again soon! So moral of the story, summarized by the doctor at the hospital was for her to drink and eat no matter what anyone else says. She's got to stay hydrated and nourished.

The garage sale went fine. We had 100+ people come through the sale before 10am. It was an amazing turn out. I was able to get rid of alot of miscellaneous nick nacks, etc. I did not become rich as a result, but was able to sell/purge unecessary items :)


Jenn Greeley said...

This is why I don't have garage sales never get rich. You're lucky if you make $200. It's nice to get rid of stuff, but I always end up saying its not worth my time. It still sounds like as far as garage sales go, it was very successful!

Sorry your friends daughter hasn't had the baby yet. I know she was probably ready to done with it. Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes. I feel for the ladies that go through hours of labor and end up having a C-Section in the end. Its exhausting.

MommaJen said...

wow, that is a crazy "labor" story. hopefully the real thing goes faster!