Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally - My 100th Post!!!

I know several of you have been very patient with me anxiously awaiting my 100th post. I have been holding off for something very important/memorable/special to me and after much deliberation...I have decided on my sister's experience 2 weekends ago. I know this isn't a very happy topic but it is one our family will remember for the rest of our lives, so I felt it would be a good 100th post.

Pictures will never allow you to understand the devastation that others witnessed in real life. My sister lives in the Bastrop/Smithville area that was hit by a large and dangerous 1,200 acre fire that took days to completely extinguish. Sis and her hubby were evacuated and spent some time with us because hotels had no vacancy. To tell you in words how God works in mysterious ways and has a plan for everyone, would not be possible...we just knew that His plan for my Sis was not to lose her home that she purchased less than 7 months ago. She was very fortunate that the fire was extinguished literally 2/10 of a mile from her home. The fire burned on all sides of her home in this 2/10 of a mile radius. Not all of her neighbors were as fortunate. Thank God, no one was injured or killed in this fire!!!
I was very careful which pictures I chose to share allowing for the privacy of the families involved. So, now onto those pictures...
1) a field bordering my sis' street --
2 and 3) on her street; keep in mind that in the piney woods there is supposed to also be underbrush which you can see is no longer there --
4) the median across from her street --
5) an unfortunate family; we think this was a barn or moble home --
6) remnants of a house in between the trees; we never knew this house was there b/c of the trees and underbrush --
7) a house used to be up on this little hill --

8) an antique shopping center --

9) this little street is where the helicoptor dropped the fire retardant 2/10 of a mile from sis' home; the retardant is a little reddish in color --

10) and finally, my sis' lovely home nestled within the trees so blessed to still be standing --

So now onto happier things...

BLOG CANDY!!! That's right. My 100th post deserves some blog candy, so leave me a comment and you'll be entered into the drawing. Comments must be entered by Friday, the 13th at 12:00 noon. I will draw 1 lucky winner over the weekend and announce it in a post on Monday. Oh, by the way - now that the 100th post is over, I've got a lot more on the way!!!


Jenn Greeley said...

Wow! It truly is a blessing for your sister and her husband.

AnAggiebug said...

They were so lucky! I didn't realize until I talked to you how close the fire was to them.

MommaJen said...

Congrats on your 100th post! Awesome!

Your sister is so fortunate. Wow!

My prayers go out to all the other families

Purple D said...

They say that the first 100 posts are the hardest ;-)

So sorry for what happened to your sister's area. But thankful that she and her family is all right.