Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Simple Decorating

I thought I would share these simple decorating ideas that we learned at our last Southern Living at HOME consultant team meeting. The best way to decorate is to keep it simple.
Galveston Hurricane: this idea was created for St. Patrick's day - a few drops of green food coloring and a few fresh flower stems - voila!
Renaissance Hurricane: this is a very tall piece; it is being used on a hearth here to flank a fireplace - add some water and either a fresh or faux flower stem to float on top - simple yet elegant!
Jamestown Centerpiece and Ruffled Glass Bowl: combines two great pieces that should be in anyones decor - water and floating candles in the bowl set inside a St. Patrick's Day wreath on the centerpiece - can be changed out for every holiday very easily!
Jamestown Centerpiece, Barley Twist Pedestal and Mini Cake Dome: combines 3 products and still only takes about 5 minutes to complete - Easter grass lines the bottom of the centerpiece, the pedestal sits in the center; put a candle and wooden or decorated faux easter eggs on the pedestal and add the dome; add cute little candy dishes and any other easter figurine desired - cute and fabulous!
Petite Bud Vases: fill to your hearts content with St. Patrick's Day or Easter sprigs and stems and flowers.
Bountiful Tray, Villa Stoneware and Tuscan Tidbit: just another way to create that punch of color and wow factor at the dining table.


MommaJen said...

very cute! and whoa, I stumbled for a moment thinking this was about decorating post Hurricane Ike - the name Galveton Hurricane is just a little too surreal!!!

Love the Easter egg idea.

I will do a post on cards/stamping as soon as Lance gets back in town to upload my pics for me!

Jenn Greeley said...

These are great ideas. I have some of these pieces so I will definitely be able to use them. Thanks for sharing.