Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Little "Big" Brother

His birthday was actually yesterday. He turned 27. I call him my little big brother because he is younger, however much taller than I am. He is 6'4" and has been living in Italy for the past 4 years. He is in the Air Force and is actually due to come home anytime now. He has completed his term and is now going into the reserves. His apartment is packed; he is living out of his suitcase; and sleeping on his mattress on the floor.........just waiting for his orders to leave. We are so excited and thrilled and ready for him to be home. We haven't seen him much over the past 5 years since he joined the AF, so I'll say it again - we are very ready for him to be home. This picture was taken on his last trip (yes, he's been more than once) to Paris this past August. I am totally jealous of his travels while living in Italy.


MommaJen said...

cool - glad he's almost here!

MommaJen said...

oh, and good job on the weight loss...like your tracker...I'll have to get one as well...another motivator!