Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SU! Decor Elements & Master Bathroom

So, I installed the rest of these SU! decor elements after I made sure the ones I installed the other day were going to stay. I have to run my hand over them from time to time to re-adhere them to the wall and in some places they don't stick at all to the texture, but for the most part they are still there and I think they look great. My husband even noticed them. He's not very observant when it comes to home decor. These elements are around the door that leads into the area of our master bathroom that contains the toilet and tub/shower. The vanity is actually in our bedroom, typical in alot of 80's houses. Speaking of vanities, check out the pics below of my new one --- I love it!!!
My absolute favorite slab of granite - Venetian Gold! Not cheap, but well worth it. It ties in great with my gold wall colors, the oak vanity and my brushed nickel fixtures and hardware.
And check this out...and undermount sink. I never thought I would want one of these; thought it was extra money that could be spend elsewhere. Whoah! What a difference it made. It looks sleeker and cleaner, doesn't require caulking and is easier to clean! Now, I wish I had it in both bathrooms...but at least it's in my master :) I would really love to redo our kitchen too, but we aren't millionaires.

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Jenn Greeley said...

Everything looks awesome! I'm glad it all turned out so awesome. You are a regular do it yourselfer.