Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by MommaJen. I met her through Jennifer who used to office next door to me. They introduced me to blogging back in May. I've been friends with Jennifer for years, however am just now really getting to know MommaJen. I joined their bunco group this year which has been a blast. I met Emily, who is another blogger, and last night we had our first Card Club gathering. It was lots of fun...just another way to get to know these ladies better.

So, the rules are:
1) Link back to the person who tagged you
2) List 5 ways blogging has affected you
3) Tag 5 others

So...5 ways blogging has affected me:

1) I've have learned alot about people I don't know by reading their wonderful life stories/posts, several of which make you put everything into perspective.

2) I'm getting to showcase card/craft projects I've made for other bloggers' challenges and projects I've made just for the fun of it.

3) I'm writing about my life and family...how they've been effected by things in their life, great things that they have done, etc. so others can learn more about me and them.

4) I'm excited about getting other friends of mine into blogging because I'm not big on myspace. I only have a few, so I don't have the 5 recommended to tag; and the 3 I am tagging have already been tagged by MommaJen.

5) I'm addicted to blogging. I find myself checking everyones sites daily hoping they have posted something new.

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