Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stamp Camp and Weight Loss

First for stamp camp, which I will be attending at Jennifer's this coming Saturday. Jennifer is a fairly new Stamin' Up! demonstator and I think is doing really well. She has the cutest projects and ideas. I can't wait to see what we will be making this weekend. All of the ladies in attendance seemed to have a great time at her first stamp camp this past June. It is so rewarding to go home with projects you have made yourself. If you have never been or never heard of it, check out her blog. I can't wait. Thanks, Jennifer!

And lastly, weight loss - such a dreaded topic. I love food! I love to eat! I love to cook! I love to bake! I love to eat out! Can you see a pattern here? Losing weight is so difficult for me; and probably for many of you out there as well. It is amazing how quickly it goes on and how slowly it comes off. I was married in August 2005. At that time, I was very happy with my size, I had cute clothes and felt very good about myself. Then 6 months would go by and I would have to buy some clothes in the next size up. I didn't think about it too much at the time, until I was in the 4th size higher. Whoah! I set a goal I would lose some weight for my sis' wedding this past May - and I did losing 18 pounds from Jan-May just by walking 5 days a week anywhere from 2-4 miles. What happened after May? Well, I didn't have my next goal planned so I quit walking...gaining back 8 pounds of the 18 lost. Now here we are in September. I'm feeling fat, I hate my clothes, nothing looks cute and I'm not happy with myself for letting this happen. I decided 2 weeks ago today that enough was enough! I am back to walking 5 days a week and have added dieting to my plan. I chose WW because I did so well when I used it the first time years ago. In the past 2 weeks (I am proud of myself) I have lost 6.8 pounds, YaY! I know you might be thinking .8 and not round to the nearest number...well in WW, those points count.

Well, that's enough boring blogging for today! Have a good one.


MommaJen said...

congrats on the weight loss! I lost 40 pounds on WW last year and now have gained 10 back...ugh...but I'm going back to WW Friday...for me the key seems to be the weigh-in accountability...glad you can motivate yourself!!!

Emily said...

Looking forward to Saturday! Good luck with the weight loss, it's a constant battle, and gets worse after marriage!!

Jenn Greeley said...

Thanks for the plug Lacey! I'm glad you enjoy it.

I'm so proud of you and your weight is a very hard thing to do and you are succeeding!