Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October Calendar

I attend a "First Friday Stampin" at my friend Terri's on the first Friday of every month. She held a stamp class where her attendees made a 2008 calendar which I was not able to attend. She gave me the supplies needed to make the calendar myself and I have. I made Jan-July right away, then made the following months as they came along. Here is October. I will post November and December as those months approach and I will try to do a post showing the other months as well. (August and September had a tragic death in the kitchen sink)
I only used a few of her ideas from her class so most of the months are my original ideas. The holes in the top are for binder is the intention to bind them all together for a flip calendar. However, I like putting the calendar in my kitchen window sill, (thus the tragedy with August and September) therefore I did not bind them together.