Friday, October 24, 2008

Rockport, here we come!

I'm so super excited, yet exhausted. Hubby and I are leaving this afternoon for a weekend of relaxation with my best friend and her family. You might be wondering why Rockport (the beach) on a weekend like this...a little too chilly for swimming. So instead of swimming, we will fishing and roasting smores by a campfire. It was the only weekend available that both of our families could agree on and the last weekend the cabin was available. We are almost camping. These cabins are free to us through my friend's work and they are very rustic and outdoors. No heat or a/c or real walls. It is open air screened walls, much like a screened in porch. We are so super excited to rest and relax...even though it was stressful and exhausting to get to this point. I was up til 2am this morning packing and getting ready. I am leaving work here in a few minutes and ready to load the truck. Have a great weekend everyone and I'll post about our adventure on Monday!

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